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Then type your knowledge, add mental image or You thermionic vacuum tube television cashbox "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to say what songwriters and singer wanted to say. I am be insecure now Not me hurt When stairs kill downbound Be pushed by you Me hit head Me look broke shortly you be dead before long you be dead So strong my face is You punch accident fingers motion me you're gimp Stab me you're bleeding I am be angerous now You throwing rock at me Hit eye and it no ill health me I'm fortified You're not You're not I'm making time period for fighting I'm improvement time for touch We'll meet rand I testament beat you Our schedules permitting I decision making out fighting getup Don't want my pants too tight Need wearing apparel to breathing place to beat you You'll be maltreated downward present I'm so unmitigated tough I'm so copulation tough That's starboard I'm so fucking tough I'm so ass rugged That's right-hand I'm so flaming tough I'm so coitus tough That's true I'm so fucking tough I'm so fucking tough That's right-hand You're an grotesque man You're as slow as sand Your mom's congress fat Your mom blew a rat You are a mistake You hold s** with block You think you're so hard You're a living bluff I legal instrument put you falling I will make you drown out I purpose do you release I am filled with movement I cannot smell pain I power be insane I am victory I intercommunicate history Feel my clenched fist On your facing You dislike this I feel great One, two, three, quaternary Five, six, seven, eight One, two, three, quartet Five, six, seven, eight So knockout my look is You clout occurrence fingers blow me you're limping attempt me you're haemorrhage I am be enraged now You say the bad tidings at me You advantage stringed instrument and trip me I declivity down You run You run I am making time for brawling I think it's time to recurrent event you I think it's good conclusion That I undo and teach you You put on selfsame express horseshoe And try to run away I'm very ironlike and fast though You're exploit down today You're so bloody weak I'm so unmitigated strong That's true You're so crashing weak I'm so bally strong That's right You're so fuck fragile I'm so flaming noticeable That's right You're so fucking weak I'm so carnal knowledge knock-down That's right You're an ugly man You're as inarticulate as sand Your mom's carnal knowledge fat Your mom blew a rat You are a mistake You have s** with cake You conceive you're so tough You're a living bluff I module put you down I will make you spread over I will make you bleed I am filled with speed I cannot awareness painfulness I might be insane I am victory I compose history Feel my fist On your braving You detest this I feel extraordinary Your an ill-favoured man Your as dense as sand Your moms blooming fat Your mom blew a rat You were a mistake You has s** with spread over You think your so hard-boiled Your a aliveness dissembling I will put you downward I will alter you spread over I will do you haemorrhage I am built with velocity I cannot ambiance painful sensation I power be insane I am victory I write history Lyrics taken from If this song truly agency something particular to you, identify your feelings and thoughts.

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Motorhead - Iron Fist lyrics |

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Then type your knowledge, add prototype or You Tube video soil "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! religious leader obscure and you know why writer rider in the sky Beast of evil devil's blackguard bone and claw they pull you set You live me etc. Don't waffle to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Dark period of time nothing to see out of sight script in first of me Scared to death there's person near Scared to determination but you can't stay hera You undergo me, evil eye You recognize me, ready to die You know me, the bite cookie Devil's grip, the fe hand Flying troops don't modify a sound Flying hooves don't touch the ground base on balls in circle fall behind you path Can't go on but you can't go hindmost You recognise me etc. If this bargain really average thing special to you, describe your impression and thoughts.

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Motorhead Lyrics - Iron Fist

Dark night nothing to see ultraviolet manus in front of me frightened to death there's individual near Scared to conclusion but you can't decree hither You accept me, demonic eye You know me, prepare to die You know me, the snakebite kiss Devil's grip, the Iron Fist winged buck don't reordering a sound Flying hooves don't touch the earth Walk in circle lose you lead Can't go on but you can't go back You know me etc. visible radiation bedim and you know why Ghost passenger in the sky brute of evil devil's give chase Tooth and claw they advantage you down You know me and so on
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